Celebrating the achievements of alumni in Saudi Arabia

When outstanding individuals receive a world-class education in the UK, the effects can last a lifetime. The Alumni Awards pay tribute to the impact that alumni of UK higher education institutions have had in their chosen field, and how this was sparked by their studies in the UK.

There are three award categories: Professional Achievement, Entrepreneurial and Social Impact.

Professional Achievement Award

Recognising UK alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond.

The finalists of the Professional Achievement Award are:

  • Prof. Faris Alenzi– graduate of Imperial College London, Passionate Educator - Researcher and founder of charities
  • Dr. Fahad Alnaim– graduate of University of Manchester and Brunel University London - Championing Special needs education
  • Dr. Waleed Alsalem – graduate of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - CEO of National Health Laboratory and Volunteer

Entrepreneurial Award

Recognising UK alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities that have the potential for strong growth.

The finalists of the Entrepreneurial Award, which highlights alumni who have played a leading role in innovation, are:

  • Dr. Mazin Alzaidi – graduate of University of Warwick - Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Osamah Alawwam – graduate of London Metropolitan University - International Businessman and Master Coffee Roaster
  • Ms. Maya Alathel – graduate of University of Arts, London - Creative Director and Cultural leader

Social Impact Award

Recognising UK alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others.

The finalists of the Social Impact Award are:

  • Dr.Taghreed Alsaraj – graduate of University College London - Writer, Consultant, Trainer with a focus on language learning
  • Dr. Jouharah Abalkhail – graduate of University of Hull - Researcher, trainer and Leader
  • Dr. Shaihana Almatrrouk – graduate of University of Manchester - Influenza expert and International Trainer 

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in March 2019.

If you are an alumnus of a UK university and you want the world to know how your work is making a difference, you can apply for next year’s awards, applications are open now. We look forward to hearing your story.