#MyUniqueExperience... Studying in the UK

The United Kingdom offers you a world-leading education system, with UK qualifications that can make a real difference to your career, the same way it did for this group of inspiring individuals.

Tower Bridge London - Study in the UK

About #MyUniqueExperience

What is so unique about studying in the UK? It is a combination of various factors that are as unique as each individual's personal story. Find out more about this life-changing experience and start planning your own - or your child's - journey as of today.

Hatoon Kadi - #MyUniqueExperience

Hatoon Kadi

Hatoon Kadi is a proud mother of two, an assistant professor, a columnist, the animator of a successful show on Youtube ... and a UK graduate!

Lulu AlKhattaf - Kuwaiti blogger on visit to the Schhol of Arts in Manchester

Lulu AlKhattaf

The all-famous Kuwaiti blogger Lulu AlKhattaf visits the MET School of Arts as part of her 2-month-long "Study in the UK" tour.

Abdullah AlFraidan - #MyUniqueExperience

Abdullah AlFraidan

Abdullah Alfraidan is the Dean of E-learning at King Faisal University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He studied Linguistics at the University of Essex.

Tamara Tayeb's Portrait

Tamara Tayeb

Tamara studied at University College London and, today, she leads both the EBOLA and MERS preparedness teams at the Ministry of Health’s Command and Control Centre.

Brotherz in the UK

zShowZ Brothers

Meet Bader and Rashed, two of Saudi's most famous online pranksters.

Rozana AlBanawi - Rozabee

Rozana AlBanawi

Rozana AlBanawi is an entrepreneur specialised in Professional Training & Coaching. She studied at the University of Nottingham and is the founder of Rozabee.

Abeer AlNamankany Portrait

Abeer AlNamankany

Abeer Al Namankany is a highly passionate and motivated individual and researcher. She specialized in Hypnosis, Child Psychology and Pediatric Dentistry in the UK.