Prof Turki Althubaiti received his MA and PhD from the University of Essex.

Prof Turki studied for both his MA and PhD in English Literature at the University of Essex. As he returned to Saudi Arabia, he climbed the ranks in Taif University (it was established in 2004), from Assistant Professor in 2008 to Professor in 2015.  

Prof Turki has also been heavily involved in many systems that have established the strong community outreach and academic successes of Taif University. He has recently signed a three-year programme with the Higher Education Academy in the UK to support the university’s teaching strategy and staff development, as well as its student development. Prof Turki also initiated a scholarship programme targeting female high school graduates that could not access higher education due to financial concerns, and developed an evening class programme to target those that couldn’t attend day classes. The programmes increased the student population by 13,000. He also worked on the implementation of a “Joint Supervision Programme” that accomodated female students that could not travel to continue their postgraduate studies with four UK universities.

Prof Turki is insipred by his UK education that has shown him, through his many experiences in the University of Essex, the essence of an equal playing ground between educator and student, as well as a sense of respect and acceptance of different views and ways of thinking. His passion and positive experiences have allowed him to implement positive change to the lives of his students and colleagues.

Prof Turki Althubaiti, the Professional Achievement Award Winner 2018

Prof Turki Althubaiti on Twitter

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