Noor Alrayes is an ethical hacker, cybersecurity expert, and an entrepreneur. She is the founder & CEO of Alien Security ltd and Securmind ltd. She holds an MSc in Cybersecurity from City, University of London. Her interests focus on the human aspect of security, dark web, fighting cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism within dark web forums.

It only took a year for Noor to build and launch Alien Security, a three-time award-winning cybersecurity consultancy that provides ethical hacking services and cybersecurity support. She is also the CEO of SecurMind, a start-up that is building an AI Virtual Cyber Security Instructor. Noor is grateful for her university’s support as she was able to launch her start-ups after winning a competition held by City, the University of London for the best business ideas. The strong cybersecurity education and skills that she gained allowed her to excel as a cybersecurity expert and thrive to make the cyberspace a safer environment. She was awarded the Young Achievers award by UPF-UK from one of her talks on cybersecurity awareness at the UK Houses of Parliament. Noor was also crowned the Arbuthnot Latham's Inspiring Innovator of the year. The UK has granted her an exceptional talent visa and named her a future world leader in technology for her efforts in the cybersecurity industry.’

Noor is now taking her skills and expertise to raise awareness about cybercrime by being an active speaker, as well as expanding her startups to benefit the cybersecurity industry and create a safer online experience for everyone.