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Miss Ghada Ghaznawi received her MSc from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Miss Ghada Ghaznawi is the founder of the “Exclusave Benefits programme” in Saudi Arabia. This is a student benefits and discount programme that was inspired by her student life experience and in her time in the UK. Ghada found the benefits she received when in the UK as a student, through student discounts, enriched her experience and wanted to bring that benefit to Saudi Arabia. Starting Exclusave in Jeddah in 2013, their mission was to become Saudi Arabia's Number One benefits programme and was the first student benefits card in the Kingdom. Targeting students from high school to PhD level intitially, the business grew to include medium to large corporate clients.  

Helping more than 10,000 customers over the past four years they have grown nationwide and are now providing both local and international offers. Increasing the influence of a student benefit programme, the majority of their employees are part time students, providing Exclusave with an insight in to current student needs and buying trends, and providing students with work experience and training.

Exclusave has successfully created a new marketing strategy for businesses and Ghada takes pride in having students become aware of their right to save and of retailers benefits in providing savings for students.

Miss Ghada Ghaznawi, Entrepreneurial Award Finalist 2018


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