Students studying for the IELTS exam

Go into your IELTS test with confidence 

The 6 hour IELTS Skills Booster workshops will help you develop the specific skills you need for the test with our expert teachers. 

Pick and choose from our selection of workshops. With one workshop for each IELTS skill: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, you can focus your test preparation according to your own needs.

Course overview:

Price: 800 SAR (Excluding VAT)

Duration: 6 hours per workshop, in one day at the weekend or two weekday evenings.

Levels: Intermediate to Advanced (B1–C2)

IELTS Speaking Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • the types of questions and tasks in the IELTS speaking test
  • how to give detailed and extended responses
  • useful techniques, expressions and phrases
  • how to manage your nerves and give effective answers.

IELTS Writing Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • the format and content of IELTS Task 1 and Task 2
  • how best to analyse the writing tasks and structure your answer
  • develop your exam technique so you can respond to questions confidently
  • strategies for writing effectively in the allotted time

IELTS Listening Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • the strucutre and format of the IELTS listening test
  • strategies and techniques for answering listening test questions
  • practice exercisies to help you prepare for the test
  • tips and advice to improve your listening skills.

IELTS Reading Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • the structure and format of the IELTS reading test
  • strategies and techniques to help you with reading comprehension
  • a range of practice exercises to familiarise you with the test
  • how to manage your time effectively.

Your study options

The IELTS Skills Booster workshops are available over one weekend day or two evenings.

Explore options and timetables in your city: