Sunday, 08 December 2013 - 08:00 to Monday, 09 December 2013 - 15:30
Elaf Hotel, Red Sea Mall Jeddah

The Britsh Council is working with Universities in Saudi Arabia to prepare them for national and international accrediation through the NCAAA. 

This workshop is designed to help the universites achieve that acreditation.

Participants will know and practice how they can judge and monitor research quality and use quality systems with KPIs and benchmarking, how to use reports (periodic and continuous) at the different levels (institutional-college-center-department and program-individual levels) and how to integrate efforts. 

The Ministry of Higher Education in KSA established incentives for worldwide published research in ISI Journals and encouraged research excellence chairs and centres.

Key Note Speakers

Professor Alistair David Fitt, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Knowledge Exchange), Oxford Brookes University, and:

Professor Jeremy D Kilburn, Vice –Principal and Executive Dean, Science and Engineering, Queen Mary University of London.  

Aims and objectives of the workshop

The workshop aims: 

•Present a review of the current practice in strategic planning, benchmarking and types of performance indicators that are used in relation to research within UK universities.

•Introduce participants to approaches used in identifying research quality. 

•Train participants on identifying major components to consider in defining   criteria of quality, establishing funds, research awards, data collection and reports.

Learning Outcomes :

•Participate in developing strategic plan for research activities.

•Plan and implement research quality assessment systems.

•Monitor and evaluate the quality of research activities using benchmarking and performance indicators.

•Collect data, conduct analysis and use the results for improvement.