Thursday, 21 November 2019 to Friday, 27 December 2019

Project Concept:

To enable more Saudi artists to work with their UK counterparts and responding to local demands on art critic and art communication skills in Saudi, the British Council would like to run in-depth, intensive training in February 2020. The target audience would be emerging to mid-career artists and arts and culture professionals, preferably 18-35 years old. The aim of these sessions will be focusing on some of the following priority topics like:

  • Writing and Communication: Portfolio development, essay writing, biographies and social media. 
  • Critique: practical skills on how to give and also receive art critique
  • Evaluation and reflection on the art scene in Saudi, GCC and the Middle East
  • Funding for arts and culture
  • Turning your art into a business or a career
  • Cultural exchange and residencies – how to look for and apply for opportunities
  • How arts and culture can and do contribute to the creative economy

The opportunity

British Council is requesting the services of a course leader to design and deliver the training programme in Saudi, covering two topics: 

  • Artist representation and communication skills 
  • Art Critique

The training programme should be delivered on a period of 5 days in two cities in Saudi. The expected delivery dates are: first workshop 16-20 Feb 2020, second workshop 23-27 Feb 2020. These dates can be flexible based on the availability of the course leader. 

The course leader will lead in consultation with British Council colleagues on the design, format, and delivery of the workshops, along with the selection of other presenters to deliver content, where needed.


The course leader will receive a one-off fee of up to £14,000 (fourteen thousand pounds sterling) for the design and delivery of the workshops. This is to cover, but is not limited to, fees for all facilitators, the design and production of all the resources and subsistence whilst in Saudi. British Council will be responsible for arranging travel and accommodation.

Deadline for submission of RFP responses:

27 December 2019

Please submit application forms to:

Please make sure that total attachments don't exceed 10MB.
For more details please read.

RFP document

Application forms: 

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