Our English schools in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar have built an excellent reputation for highly effective English teaching, delivered by trained and experienced teachers, over many years. Our teachers understand the needs and ambitions of students here in the Kingdom very well.

In many cities around the world, the British Council also delivers lessons in schools and on university campuses. British Council teachers in cities including Madrid, Paris and Rome give lessons to thousands of students at their own schools and universities.

This is an attractive option for students and parents of school children, as it offers the same programmes and quality of teachers as in British Council English schools, conveniently, right there in the school or university.

Typically, the institution and the British Council work as partners, with British Council teachers working onsite in the school or university. Often the institution is able to benefit in other ways too, as our teachers can offer training and advice, to colleagues at the school or university.

If you are interested in developing a partnership for your school or university in Saudi Arabia, please contact partnerships@sa.britishcouncil.org

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