Invest in their future

Our English for High School Students courses for 15–17 year olds improve your child's English communication skills for study and daily use, across speaking, listening, reading and writing.

As well as supporting the general academic study of English which will help your child imrpove their language skills and succeed at school, these courses will also prepare your child for Cambridge English exams.

Course overview

Price: 4,200 SAR

Duration: 14 weeks

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate  (A0–B1)

Your child will:

  • Build their confidence in written and spoken English.
  • Improve their all round communication skills.
  • Advance and practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking through individual and group activities.
  • Undertake a course which prepares them to meet the challenges of moving into the adult world of universities and career.
  • Learn the skills they need to become independent learners and enhance their English critical thnking skills for use in the outside world.
  • Develop their understanding and range of vocabulary and grammar.

Study options

Our English for High School Students course is delivered over 42 hours. 

Explore options and timetables in your city: