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Dr Sakher Alqahtani received his MClinDent and PhD from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL).

Dr Sakher Alqahtani is the Head of Pediatric Dentistry in King Saud University, College of Dentistry and is also the first Forensic Odontologist in Saudi Arabia. During his Masters and PhD studies in QMUL, he developed a new dental age estimation method named the ‘Atlas of Tooth Development and Eruption’. The development of the atlas made large waves internationally, for him and the University, and has been translated in to 20 languages. It has been used around the world in many Forensic Odontology Societies, including many high profile cases and even in Interpol. 

A co-founder and member of many local and international reputable institutions, Dr Sakher credits his studies in London as shaping him in to a diverse and able individual that can work in any setting. His studies and the influence from his work while at QMUL has allowed him to be the face and influence of Arab Forensic Ordontology. Frequenting news and media as the representative Arab Forensic Ordontologist, his work has influenced young Saudis to study in his field and in the UK and he strives to increase that influence as he speaks worldwide and supervises Masters internationally in his field.  

Dr Sakher Alqahtani, Entrepreneurial Award Finalist 2018

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