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Dr Roa Altaweli attended City University London for both her MSc and PhD, she also attended King’s College London.

Dr Roa’s degree in Midwifery makes her the first Saudi women to receive a Doctorate in the field.

She currently works as Clinical Nursing Director of multiple departments, and was involved in the establishment of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of her employer, East Jeddah Hospital.

UK has a long tradition of Midwifery which allowed her the opportunity to observe practices at hospitals and birth centres, meet key people and explore the Midwifery system in the UK. She hopes to further develop Midwife education in Saudi Arabia, as well as aid in the development of a direct entry midwife programme to help produce qualified midwives, for every woman to have access to.

She is a member of various committees and groups dedicated to Midwifery locally, and in a bid to increase trusted Arabic resources on natural childbirth she created “Rahmah Birth” an awareness programme and resource for natural birth for her community, country and internationally.

Dr Roa Altaweli, a Social Impact Award Finalist 2018.

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