Dr Naif Alharbi received his PhD from the University of Oxford.

Dr Naif works as an Associate Research Scientist in the King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre (KAIMRC) where he leads two important research projects in the Department of Infectious Disease Research. On his research project he collaborates with scientists from the University of Oxford, various Saudi Universities and the Ministry of Agriculture. Dr Naif credits the experience, skills and training he acquired while studying in the University of Oxford to be able to prepare and set up the required funds and be able to lead over 20 scientists in his scientific research team in KAIMRC.

His PhD in Virology and Vaccine development armed him with the know-how to start working on a concern very close to home, the MERS-CoV virus. He transferred vaccine development technology to his lab in KAIMRC and is conducting the first-in-man phase I clinical trial for a MERS vaccine. This vaccine applies the “One-Health” approach that should work on both animal (in this case, Camel) and man. This is the first phase I trial in Saudi Arabia.

As well as demonstrating his UK Study experience through successfully transferring techniques and technology that can benefit his country, Naif is also a keen public speaker. He has given many speeches in the UK and Saudi Arabia, speaking on his own trials, successes and experiences from his time at the University of Oxford.

Dr Naif Alharbi, Professional Achievement Award Finalist 2018

Dr Naif Alharbi on Twitter

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