Dr. Faris A. Almalki is an Assistant Professor in Wireless Communication and Satellites at Taif University in KSA and a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Brunel University London. He is a Member of the IEEE Wireless Communication Society and has published over 12 research papers in respected journals and conferences, where four of those research papers have introduced wireless communication solutions to some issues (e.g. digital divide, coverage gaps due to natural disasters) that have impacts on societies in the Kingdom and anywhere in the world.

Dr. Faris is also currently Director of General Requirement Center (GRC) at the Deanship of Supportive Studies of Taif University. He believes his studying journey in the UK has offered endless opportunities to get involved in volunteering activities, which have sharpened his skills in launching initiatives, inspiring others, and make volunteerism more sustainable. Drawing on his volunteering experience in the UK, he has played a major role in designing, coordinating and delivering the University’s elective course on volunteerism and social reasonability. Around 1700 students enrolled in the course in the first three months and is now extremely popular amongst students.

Dr. Faris’ active participation in social and voluntary work goes beyond the University. He always tries to encourage and promote community service and social responsibility in the local community and via his various social network outlets. He recently volunteered and delivered a training course for the local community on social responsibility and entrepreneurship. In addition, he has founded Pioneer Ambassadors during his studies in the UK, which is UK-based non-profit organizing aims to encourage and support volunteerism and social initiatives. He led more than 20 initiatives in many universities and student societies in coordination with the Saudi Cultural Attaché in the United Kingdom, and over 40 initiatives in cooperation with Saudi universities. The enthusiasm and dedication that Dr. Almalki shows towards social responsibility, volunteerism and community service is sure to be admired and appreciated.