Dr Abdallah Adlan received two PhDs, one from the University of Birmingham and one from the University of Bradford, he also studied at King’s College London.

Dr Abdallah Adlan is the Head of the Bioethics division in the King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre (KAIMRC). Dr Abdallah received his first PhD in 2006 and after co-founding KAIMRC, from a simple idea to a 500 million riyal project with 1,000 employees in three regions, he went on to ambitiously try to achieve his second PhD in his late 30s after seeing a gap in the knowledge of Bioethics in Saudi Arabia.  

During his studies in the UK, Dr Abdallah mentored younger Saudi students, discovered that there is no limitation for age when it comes to study abroad, and sought to increase the knowledge base in the UK Saudi community, often hosting talks and seminars all over the country for fellow students. Dr Abdallah felt supported and was given the right foundations to build both on his own self-confidence and to unlock his potential as an exceptional scholar.

The first Saudi with a PhD in Bioethics, Dr Abdallah inplemented change back in his home country, from driving change in the areas of children and animal research, through to developing and increasing knowledge of bioethics, and also changing research policies. He also became a full voting member of the Saudi National Committee.

Dr Abdallah Adlan, the Entrepreneurial Award Winner 2018.

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