Abdulmohsen Aldayel is continuously aiming to influence the people around him. This led him to pursue a career in Creative Media and Communication, which started by earning a master’s degree in Creative Media from the University of Brighton, UK. Studying in the UK allowed Abdulmohsen to co-found his first media platform (MVR), which has impacted thousands of student's social lives, resulting in forming a community between students in the UK. Abdulmohsen l is currently the (VRO) Communication Director at the Ministry of Health; he was assigned as “Health Volunteering” Media Center Director amid Covid-19. This has impacted the lives of millions, 100,000 Volunteers have been registered, and their achievements is recognized by the UN. He created social initiatives at every organization he worked with. At Dallah Health holding company, he was responsible for the communication program. At the Ministry of Civil Services, he managed the contents on the Ministry social media accounts. He presented the seed for Creating "the Center for Government Communication." he was nominated for King Salman Youth Center as one of the successful entrepreneurs and participated in the global visit's program. His sense of the importance of communication led him to be a media consultant for many organizations through several sectors.